Hi, I’m New Here…

I’ve decided to finally give this whole writing thing a shot. I’m hoping it’s as therapeutic as I’m imagining it to be.

There’s always been this feeling inside me to write down my story from start to finish. I’ve always envisioned writing some sort of book, but never known where to start. I had it in my head if I couldn’t start from the beginning and tell it all in a specific order then either people wouldn’t understand or I would leave something important out. Anyone that writes probably realizes how crazy that sounds. I’ve even told other people wanting to write to just start and they can piece it together later. I just couldn’t take my own advice.

I’ve been praying a lot about how to share my testimony and I feel like God has lead me here to this place. My testimony is so much bigger than just a biography of birth to all the crazy s@#t to now. It’s multiple experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. Each experience is something completely different and the way it works together is that it’s all a part of me. Instead of sharing it like a “story” share it in pieces… the way that it happened.

So, I’m here. Starting a blog. I’m a little afraid I’ll be the only one reading it. I’m a little afraid that I might not be. I’m excited about starting. I’m scared that I might not be a good enough writer. I’m a lot of feelings and emotions, but at the end of the day… I’m here and I’m going to try once and for all to share my pieces in hopes that it helps me and someone else.

Visit my about page to learn a little bit about me and be sure to follow to keep up with my antics. Prayers appreciated, lol.

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Author of, The Mosaic Journey.

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