I’m the author of this blog. I have been wrestling with the idea of writing for sometime now, feeling a pull to share my stories and advice, but not knowing how or where to start. I decided that just starting is the goal and we can see where it goes.

A little about me… you’ll really learn more about me by reading my posts, but I’ll share the basics here. I follow Jesus, I’m a wife and mom, I work full time, and I love coffee, diet coke, and wine. For all you personality test people out there, I’m an 8w9 and ENFP. I could also list my top 5 strengths and my love languages, but let’s leave a little mystery. I love music, reading, listening to podcasts, and reality t.v (guilty pleasure).

I grew up in what people love to call a “broken” home, which to be honest was more shattered than broken. I have a mom that has mental illnesses and a dad that walked out, leaving my brother and I to take care of her. He remarried shortly after he left to a woman who had a child and they had two more children after that. Let me pause here and say God is a master restorer and has healed our “brokenness” a lot. I love my siblings and we’re all very close. You’ll learn more about the depths of my family through different posts. It’s way too much to include in a “about me” post.

I have seen a lot and come through a hella lot. God is good and without him and the protection he gave me I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I would not be able to sit here, drinking my coffee, starting a blog.

I want to be honest, this blog is for me. A safe place for me to get my stories out and what I learned from each experience. However, if in the process I’m able to offer encouragement or help to others then even better. My life is one that shows the love of Jesus Christ over and over again and it’s a shame it’s taken me this long to share it publicly.

If you read a post and have questions, please ask. If you read a post and completely disagree, please respond. If you read a post and you feel as if I’m speaking directly to you and you need a friend, reach out. If you read something that makes you angry feel free to express those feelings in a respectful way. Hate and judgement will not be tolerated in any capacity. I love discussion and am always open to healthy communication.

My experiences have, at times, left me feeling completely shattered. I have truly thought there was no coming back more times than I would care to admit. But God… He has taken those shattered pieces and time and again put them together, piece by piece, and shaped me into a beautiful mosaic masterpiece. Up close, you can see all the imperfect pieces that don’t completely fit together, the colors are different, maybe they’re cracked or rough around the edges, but once you step back you see this crazy beautiful piece of artwork. How could all those little broken pieces be put together and made to look so whole and complete? God knew what he was working on the whole time, even when I didn’t understand. When others shattered me, he picked up those pieces and used them to better his creation. This is me, this is my mosaic journey.